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  1. The course dates are for classroom face-to-face practical hands-on and assessment session.

  2. Completed registration must be sent at least 1 week before the scheduled course dates.

  3. Learners will be doing an online Asynchronous learning (self-study) at their own pace which comprises of 8 chapters of self-reading, videos and quizzes which covers the theoretical component of the course where learners are required to complete eight chapters of reading, videos and quizzes.

  4. The link to the Learner Portal will be emailed 1 week prior to the classroom training date.

  5. Classroom learning covers the practical component of the course where learners will be guided by a facilitator throughout.

  6.  Learners MUST complete their online learning before attending the classroom session.

MHI Training Master reserves the right not to accept any registration after registration has closed.

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